After years of speech therapy that gave us little hope and minimal progress, we have finally found a program that makes sense to us. Heather has been amazing! She really takes the time to teach parents the techniques of using the Talk Tools and thoroughly explains the mechanics of the mouth and jaw to produce speech. We are seeing great results in the alignment of Elijah’s jaw, and slowly but surely his speech is becoming more clear every day. We couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made in such a short amount of time. We are so excited for what the future holds. Many thanks and blessings to you Heather for all of the families you serve and the lives that you change.

Michael - Age 16

Please feel free to ask us for parent references before you start an OPT program. 

Elliott - Age 8

"My 16 year old son Michael has Down syndrome and a very limited intelligible vocabulary of an 18 month old.  Over the years I have wondered why his intelligibility never improves and often seems to get worse as he tries to say more and more .   At age 14 I started Michael on the Talk Tools program. Heather explained to me that Michael has jaw weakness which inhibits his entire mouth from moving correctly during speech.   She recommended I work with my son 5x/week. Instantly we were seeing results. Family and friends noticed a difference in the first month. They could understand him better, without me translating!  In the second month he said "I love you mom" and it was clear!!! I was jumping up and down clapping and laughing. Now he's saying words like "basketball and tuna sandwich" clearly!! Oral Placement Therapy has changed our lives for the better.  My school speech therapist also started incorporating jaw activities into his sessions 10 min per day and it’s made so much difference!  It has helped with behavior issues and independence.  Michael really wants to lead an independent life.  It is happening for us, before our very eyes and we are SO happy!" 

“Our not quite 2 year old son Andre worked with a feeding therapist from our HMO.  As a mother I saw that some of the therapies were further exacerbating his already forming bad habits.  When we started the Talk Tools program Andre was eating only pureed foods and drinking only from a bottle.  After 11 weeks, he was chewing soft solids and moving his tongue from side to side.  He is drinking from a straw and is starting to blow bubbles.  What a difference the right program makes!” 

“Oral motor therapy has helped Elliott improve his articulation as well as his self confidence.  This past year, we have finally conquered /sh, ch, dj/ and we are transferring them into conversation.  We see the benefit of Heather's work everyday when he interacts with his peers and siblings and almost all his speech is intelligible.  The Talk Tools program not only helped Elliott improve his articulation, but it has enhanced his overall quality of life as he is now able to have more meaningful conversations and build deeper social connections.  Heather is so wonderful; oral motor work is not just a job for her but a genuine passion that is evident every time she works with Elliott."

Elijah - Age 7

Bella started Oral Placement Therapy (Talk Tools) with Heather when she was 8 months old. She is now almost 5 years old and I am SO happy with her speech as well as eating, drinking, tongue retraction and general oral management.  She basically has no tongue protrusion because her jaw has become very strong and stable with Talk Tools therapy. Her speech is prolific and very intelligible.  Her teachers at her typical preschool have no trouble understanding her, which is huge. She also drinks from an open cup or with a straw and eats a very large variety of foods all with proper utensil usage.  What I am most impressed with is her speech. Most of the words she says sound completely typical and she comes up with the cutest phrases all on her own. Two of my recent favorites are “try again honey” and “come on dude”.  Overall I am extremely happy with what Talk Tools, and Heather specifically, have done for my daughter’s ability to speak clearly and to fit in completely in her inclusive school environment as well as in our family!

Andre - Age 2


Bella - Age 5

Before - JAW SLIDE